Human Resource Management (HRM)

The people part of leadership is a focus of human resource management. It is the management of human resources through recruitment, training, use, retention, and motivation of the workforce to meet the goals of the firm. Or, to put it simply, the effective and efficient management of the office’s human resources to accomplish the company’s goal. Through engaging sessions, real-world projects, case studies, articles, demos, and templates, you will learn about all the HRM functions in full here.
Planning and managing employee benefit programs, as well as coordinating a company’s staff for organizational growth, are all responsibilities of Human Resource Management, or HR Management. In addition to supervising the recruiting, interviewing, and employment of new personnel, HR Management also consults with the organization’s top leaders on strategic planning and implementation.


For Undergraduates:

Candidates who want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in this program must have completed 12th with the minimum marks in any stream to be considered eligible.

For Postgraduates:

The eligibility requirement for students who want to pursue this course as a postgraduate degree is a bachelor’s degree from any background.
Colleges have different standards for human resource management.